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There is a lot of goodwill, I just think we have to… With respect to Jordan, I think that most of what he’s doing is admirable and I support it, I just think that he repeatedly makes claims that I think are scientifically and intellectually unjustifiable, and he need not make those claims to support many of the things he values, politically and morally. It will be interesting to try to get some agreement about all of that.

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With Douglas [Murray], he and I agree about so much, and yet I consider myself a liberal; he tends to consider himself a conservative. It’s interesting that the common bond that we have intellectually and ethically is not at all affected by political affiliation. And we get some of the same pain politically from people who don’t like the way we ignore various taboos. In the case of Douglas, it’s more often the taboo around criticising specific religions, in his case Islam.

How much credence does he give to the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web” group that has banded thinkers like you, Peterson and Murray together?

I think it’s an analogy I’ve only paid lip service to in a tongue in cheek way. It really only captures the fact that much of… Many interesting conversations that are finding large audiences are finding those audiences outside mainstream channels now. They are largely on the internet and on podcasts because of the politically correct filters put on so much of public conversation at the moment. So in that sense, the analogy to the dark web is fine. It’s an unfortunate analogy in that, you know, the real dark web is chock full of child pornography and drugs and armaments and whatever else people go there to buy and sell.

There is this non-mainstream series of platforms that have enormous audiences. I mean these audiences compare favourably to television audiences and radio audiences, say, that are considered quite successful. There are blogs where if you post an article on a blog it gets seen by as many people as if it had been published in The New York Times. And the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be so aware of that, so that’s why the analogy seemed interesting.

The people grouped in that loose affiliation show many different commitments politically and intellectually and there’s some people there I have basically nothing in common with apart from the fact that we have been on some of the same podcasts together.

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01/07/2014 12:35 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2014
By Daniel R. Schwarz

After publishing articles in Huffington entitled “ Suggestions for Seniors Graduating College “ and “ Fourteen Suggestions for Incoming College Freshmen “ as well as “What to Do with a B.A. in English?” and Angara Bezel Framed Blue Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Ring in 14k Yellow Gold QhsVnF
I have been asked if I had any suggestions for the years at college and in particular for the sophomore year.

Speaking to Cornell audiences about my suggestions for seniors and talking to my own students, I began to realize that students need to focus on planning at a much earlier stage than their senior year. Colleges and universities are becoming increasingly proactive about providing resources to help your planning. For example, the Cornell College of Arts and Sciences now has an Assistant Dean Director of Career Services. So drawing upon my 46 years as a professor since arriving in 1968 at Cornell, and realizing that others will have additional suggestions, here I go with nineteen suggestions for sophomores who more often than not are nineteen years old. I would foreground my first three suggestions but after that there is no order.

1) Sophomore year is a time to think about the future—whether it be employment or further education or a combination of both. With the future in mind, you should choose your college major, your summer employment and internships, your community service, and at least some of your extra-curricula activities. Think about preparing yourself for graduate school—medical, law, masters or Ph.D.—and find out what the requirements are. Many MBA programs prefer some years of work before graduate school.

Develop your character in terms of self-knowledge, integrity, leadership, compassion, and judgment. Who you are becoming is as important as what skills you are developing.

2) Do not think of your career plans or even your choice of major in terms of future earnings but in terms of future satisfaction. Joy in work and joy in personal life are what give life meaning.

3) If you are in the wrong program, think about changing it because after the sophomore year you will have invested even more time and energy in a program. If you are in the wrong college, think about transferring. After your sophomore year, such changes become more difficult.

4) Be sure to choose an advisor who is interested in you and meet with your advisor regularly. Do not limit yourself to email communication. If you advisor doesn’t keep his or her office hours, get another one. I recommend that if possible you choose an advisor who has been your teacher because those who have taught you will know you better than an assigned advisor.

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On Becoming a More “Fully Functioning” Organization

by Dr. Brian Higley

I recently met with an organizational leader and human potential expert, Dr. Margaret “Pat” Korb. At 85 years of age, Dr. Korb is still going strong – consulting, running trainings, and leading her organization, The Gestalt Center of Gainesville. During our meeting, she showed me a pamphlet written in the 1960’s by another expert in human potential, Dr. Carl Rogers.

The pamphlet was a summary of his decades of research into what increases the potential of human beings. As I browsed through the pamphlet, I realized to my surprise (and delight) that many of the ideas he was writing about over 40 years ago are only recently being brought into the business world via such influences as Jim Collins ( and ) Stephen Covey (in his newest work, ), and Jack Welch (in such works as ).

Dr. Carl Rogers’ major ideas, and some thoughts on how these ideas have positively impacted organizations over the last few decades, are listed below. These ideas may help you to create a more “fully functioning” organization – and help you to be a more satisfied individual as you build such an organization:

Some final thoughts on Fully Functioning Organizations: The more Fully Functioning organization accesses more of the minds, bodies, hearts, and “guts” of its people. Working at such an organization facilitates the development of a dynamic, fresh, and effective workforce that is not only built for positive change – it is filled with people constantly excited by it.

Movement and change supported by some constant processes are the essence of life – both for organizations and for individuals. Creating an organizational process that is more Fully Functioning will not only earn your money, but will also positively impact you, your employees, your clients, and your little part of the world. What could be more satisfying?

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Decreasing “BS”: moving away from facades

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1. Business Trainer | July 9th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

Very well done. I’m delighted to have found your site.

I’m familiar with Dr. Carl Rogers work. I’ve also studied in depth Steven Covey’s books, and have met, trained with, and TRAINED leaders of various ceritfications (Covey Certified, Aubrey Daniels, etc.). It really looks like you’ve done a great job of bringing together materials from all those areas, and distilling them into one program!

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